Are you experiencing sciatic pain? If you are suffering from sciatica, you are likely feeling pain that travels from your lower back through your hips and bottom, and down each leg. Let’s take a moment to talk about sciatica and how PA Chiropractic and Rehab Center in Waynesburg, PA, can help to correct this condition for you.


Causes of Sciatica

According to the Mayo Clinic, sciatica arises when the sciatic nerve becomes compressed either from a herniated disk, bone spur, or narrowing of the spine. Compression of the sciatic nerve results in inflammation, pain, and numbness that travels down the leg. Sciatic nerve pain ranges from mild soreness to a burning sensation. The worst cases of sciatic nerve pain are agonizingly painful.

Sciatica Risk Factors

You are more prone to developing sciatica if you are between the ages of 30 and 50. Obesity is another risk factor, as a higher body weight puts stress on the spine. A job that requires you to carry a lot of weight, twist your back, or drive a vehicle for a long time may contribute to sciatic nerve pain. Those who spend most of their day in a sitting position are also vulnerable to sciatica, as are individuals with diabetes.

Typical Treatments for Sciatic Nerve Pain

If you visit a regular MD in hopes of finding relief from sciatic nerve pain, here is what will likely happen. They will prescribe you muscle relaxants or anti-inflammatories. You may also receive a steroid injection. Narcotics may be prescribed to relieve the pain. You may find limited and temporary relief from this approach. If all else fails, surgery becomes the last resort. Surgery is performed on about 5% to 10% of sciatica patients who seek assistance from a traditional physician.

A Natural Alternative

Instead of seeking out a method of disguising sciatic nerve pain, we must look for a way to heal the body from a holistic perspective. This is where chiropractic care comes in. Chiropractic care heals sciatic nerve pain at its source rather than covering it up with prescription drugs. Our chiropractor will assess your musculoskeletal system before creating a sciatica treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief in Waynesburg, PA

Are you looking to decrease your reliance on painkillers to relieve your sciatic nerve pain? Schedule an appointment today at PA Chiropractic and Rehab Center LLC in Waynesburg PA. For more information on sciatica or to schedule an appointment, call us at (724) 852-4222.


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